Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On Your Own - For Practice, Revision & Acceleration

You would have received an email invite (at your SST account) to sign up as a member of this online portal.

For your information, the Khan Academy comes with a vast collection of video clips on almost all topics (& sub-topics) in our curriculum. It also comes with quizzes that auto-mark and therefore enables you to check your understanding and mastery of the skills. This will complement what we do in class.

Note that the quizzes are largely Multiple Choice Questions or require you to enter numerical values only. You must also keep in mind the importance of writing the working/ steps in a logical manner. Hence, practices on papers should continue.

This is a useful resource that you can use for practice, revision... and for those of you who are would like to accelerate your learning, you may pace yourself accordingly - e.g. pick a topic that would be taught this year and start to learn on your own.

Note of caution: Always check your textbook on the presentation of the mathematical notation.
For example, at secondary level,  4 x 7 should not be written as 4.7 (by inserting a dot between 4 and 7).

You may also invite your parent to sign up an account and invite him/ her as your coach.

Set-up Guide for Parent:

1. Parent to set up an account

2. Student to invite Parent as Coach

3. Parent to login to monitor child's progress

4. Parent can also assign tasks for child to attempt

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