Tuesday, January 28, 2014

28th Jan Recap

Math File
Use an orange/red ring file .
1.  Notes                                Earliest at the bottom .
2. Assignments
3. Quizzes    
> Repeat for each topic
Mean , Median and Mode
.They are important for their own purposes depending on the analysis you want to carry out .
. Mean is very subjective as there is an outlier that can severely affect the data .
. Median is the 50% mark , letting you see how the performance of a group is .
. Mode lets you see the most popular set of data and the trends .

Box Plot 

Lower percentile - Underperforming
Upper percentile - Excelling                                > Able to plot data using the 2 points

. Box Plots let you see performances better for evaluation ( Better than Ogive)
- It is easier to see if the data is skewed ( Biased or shifted towards) based on where Q1 , Q2 and Q3 is
- Look at interquartile range and range to determine spread and performance as a whole .

To transfer the box plot into a cumulative frequency against value graph ,
a) Plot it vertically using Q1 , Q2 and Q3 as points
b) Plot it horizontally to see how everyone is performing .

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