Students' Progress (Update)


Please check that the tabulation of marks are correct to date.
Those with R please redo the worksheet as they have either incomplete statement or wrong mathematical notation used.
All the materials must be filed in the following order:
.1 Notes
.2 Assignments
.3 Quizzes (assessments)

according to topic:
.A Financial Matters (Practical Application) - 2 assignments
.B Probability - 4 assignments
.C Statistics - 1 assignment with 1 due in Week 5
.E Geometric Constructions - 1 assignment due in week 6

Should you need assistance in understanding the concept do approach me or your friends.

Marks highlighted in blue indicate excellent to outstanding quality
cell in Pink indicates no submission or work not received (reasons not stated)
R indicates work has to be resubmitted  due to quality or concept
A+ outstanding work submitted

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